Meet the SheapKnits


Phileas frog is an adorable little SheapKnit.  Knitted using Zwartles/mohair dyed olive DK wool, Philias is approximately 42cm long.  About a 3/5 for technicality but a 5/5 for being fiddly.  Well worth the effort.


Baarbaara the sheep is by far the cutest sheep you’re ever going to knit.  She is made out of three different natural colours of  Shetland wool.  You have to master loop stitch to make her body and head – but this is achieveable – honest (and when done on trains gets a lot of comments . . , “What are you knitting? . . . “A sheep” . . . well they didn’t ask for much more info 🙂 ) Once the loop stitch is mastered (clear instructions  and a link to youtube help is given) Sheep is a very straightforward SheapKnit to make. I’d give her a 3/5 for technicality. LINK for Loopy Stitch  (watch out for the advert!)


Florence was inspired by the arrival of my truely gorgeously adoreable ex-bat chickens (photos to follow)  It has to be said that my chickens don’t have beautiful brown and pink spotted undersides to their bums or their feet – although they really are gorgeous (honest). Made from pure shetland wool along with some natural dyed merino from Skye (for the comb) Florence has knees to die for 🙂 The feet are a little bit fiddly but not difficult – I give Florence a 3/5 for technicality.  More therapy than concentration 🙂Cow

Made using hebridian/black welsh mountain and corriedale wool, Buttercup can’t help but makeyou go oooooo what a cutie 🙂 I little chunker with a beautiful face.  Nothing more technical than increasing and decreasing – full instructions given.  Very straightforward – a 2/5 for technicality.Marmalade

Marmalade is a beautiful rabbit.  She has the most irrisistable ears.  No major technicalities here.  Knit, purl, increase and decrease – a little bit of embroidery and marmalade’s your rabbit.Marmalade portrait


2 Responses to Meet the SheapKnits

  1. Alicia says:

    How do I get the frog pattern?

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