About SheapKnits

Phileas son of 'Frog'

This isn’t me – this is Phileas son of ‘Frog’

Frog was born back in September 2010.  Frog was the first ever SheapKnit.  Phileas is Frog’s son – or at least a descendant of ‘Frog’.  But since Frog there have been many others – chicken, pig, sheep, cow, bear, and a bit off the wall – dino!  There’s also Basic Bear – the one ball bear.

SheapKnits is all about adorable creatures designed and made by Sara Heap (hence Sheap).  Sara only uses pure british wool, and where the colours aren’t natural, they are dyed with organic materials.  So very All British and All Eco Friendly products.

Although they are adorable and child friendly they were not designed specifically with children in mind, but more as a ornamental ‘Shelfmate’ character.  They are great company to have in your office or bedroom.  I like to think of them in student bedrooms – keeping a friendly eye 🙂

That said – if a SheapKnit was needed for a child (especially a baby) then it might be wise to have it made using a softer more washing machine friendly material.  Do let me know if that’s what you need 🙂


4 Responses to About SheapKnits

  1. Jane says:

    I first saw the sheapknits at Wonderwool yesterday and I was instantly smitten, cannot wait to get started knitting my first friend! Jane.

  2. Jane says:

    Finished knitting the dragon ..- only JUST had enought yarn!! Hope I have enough ends to sew it all together now. Jane

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