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My first Etsy sale came along whilst I was at the Shropshire Guild Meeting.  I’m part of the Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Crafts as a jeweller and metalsmith (see  They have yet to approve of knitting as a contemporary craft but I’m sure they’ll cave in soon.  Anyway back to the story . . . Sue Holden bought my first kit off Etsy and very soon after that sent me this pic of ‘Mattie’:-

Mattie made for Catton by Sue Holden

Mattie was knitted for baby Catton.  Very gorgeous – and I’m sure baby Catton must be too 🙂

Soon after this I had an order for over the pond – so the kits really are getting around.  I haven’t heard back from them yet but hopefully we will do soon.

Next came along:-ravelry 1closely followed by:-

Hello Sara

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely sheep kit, which I got at Woolfest in the Spring.

It gave rise to a whole flock of different sheep…

Who have developed quite a fan club on Ravelry. You may get the odd un-explained enquiry about kits from people across the pond who seem very keen to knit sheep.

Very best of luck with this and all future projects.


Sheepfold competition

From the left, (bottom row) ‘Loopy’ (the original Woolfest kit sheep), ‘Harry and Hettie the Herdwicks’, ‘Winnie the Wensleydale’, ‘Sammy the Swaledale’, (top row) ‘Betty the Blue-faced Leicester’, ‘Sophie the Soay’, ‘Harris the Hebridean’, ‘Tilly the Teesater, and ‘Cream Cracker the Jacob’.

How good is that – confirmation that I’m not completely nuts – or at least, if I am then I’m not alone 🙂


About Sara Piper Heap

I am a jeweller and metalwork designer and maker. That said, if any word were written through me (like in a stick of rock) then it would be 'maker'. I have always been a maker - sewing, knitting, baking, music and laterly jewellery and metalwork. My main business is Sara Piper Heap jewellery and metalwork, SheapKnits (my other business) has come about due to an inability to do nothing.
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