New Year New(ish) Gang

the whole gang 3Happy New Year from the whole gang.  Newbies are Horace, Dennis and Glenda.  Horace is the Hare who sports lovely long pink ears.  Glenda the goose has bright orange beak, wings and stripey legs whereas Dennis is simply a stuffed version of my very own gorgeous mutt.

SheapKnit Kit sales are going well – selling on Etsy, advertising in Simply Knitting and The Knitter as well as the word getting around due to sites like Ravelry.  Baarbaara and Florence remain the most popular with Philias coming up in third position.  I suspect that Horace and Glenda will go down well too – we shall see 🙂


About Sara Piper Heap

I am a jeweller and metalwork designer and maker. That said, if any word were written through me (like in a stick of rock) then it would be 'maker'. I have always been a maker - sewing, knitting, baking, music and laterly jewellery and metalwork. My main business is Sara Piper Heap jewellery and metalwork, SheapKnits (my other business) has come about due to an inability to do nothing.
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