SheapKnits meets Blacker Yarns

At the end of April on a VERY wet Sunday, Judith and I headed off to Builth Wells in deepest, darkest, dampest Wales where I literally accidentally found that I was at the Blacker Yarns stand.  I met Sonja there who was mildly intrigued by my bizarre orders and so we discussed my SheapKnit Kits.  She suggested sending them photos and perhaps they could sell them at their stands. . .  the rest as they say is history . . . .

SheapKnit Chicken
SheapKnit Frog
Phileas (Son of Frog)
SheapKnit Cow
SheapKnit Kits
Ready to go

So . . . here they all are lined up and ready to go to WonderWool in Cumbria.  Sadly I’d missed the postal deadline (as I’ve said before never late but rarely early!) so I got to drive allllllll of the way up to Cockermouth and back again and Yes it was raining! They were a hit with the sheep and chicken loving purewool knitting public who bought well 🙂

Dennis the knitting dog
“Look what I’ve made for you Mum”

Just felt I ought to point out that I’m not alone in making up the kits!

SheapKnit Kits
“Maybe I can help here”

Since then the kits have appeared at Fibre East where the Sheep and Chickens remained the popular choice although Frog has now nipped onto the sales chart too.

Next job is to get a set of kits ready for Sandra’s exhibition in Shrewsbury and indeed for the Chicken gallery’s Kniting Exhibition which is coming up in September 🙂

The kits will soon be for sale on the Blacker Yarns website:- but if you can’t wait until then contact me directly from my jewellery blog –

(- that’s my ‘proper’ job)



About Sara Piper Heap

I am a jeweller and metalwork designer and maker. That said, if any word were written through me (like in a stick of rock) then it would be 'maker'. I have always been a maker - sewing, knitting, baking, music and laterly jewellery and metalwork. My main business is Sara Piper Heap jewellery and metalwork, SheapKnits (my other business) has come about due to an inability to do nothing.
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