Chicken Street

My ‘proper’ job is that of a metalsmith and jeweller.  I guess that when God was giving out job titles he gave me one called, “Maker” and left the rest up to me.  So when I’m not tapping away on various metals in my lovely workshop in Oswestry or my ‘studio’ at home, I’ll be knitting.  Thought you might like to see my latest metalwork pieces.

Sara Piper Heap metalsmith and jewellery

Chicken Street, a collection of trinket boxes and brooches

This is VERY different from my usual jewellery – do have a look at and you’ll see what I mean.

I had made one box and three brooches previously, Heather, the ‘curator’ for the WREN gallery in Warrington had seen them on my Flickr account and remembered them.  So when she was preparing for their ‘Creatures’ exhibition she asked me to send in some more chickens.

SheapKnit Chicken

Florence – chilling out

Truth be told, both Florence (my knitted chicken) and this range came about due to the fact that we’d recently become carers for four exbat chickens.


About Sara Piper Heap

I am a jeweller and metalwork designer and maker. That said, if any word were written through me (like in a stick of rock) then it would be 'maker'. I have always been a maker - sewing, knitting, baking, music and laterly jewellery and metalwork. My main business is Sara Piper Heap jewellery and metalwork, SheapKnits (my other business) has come about due to an inability to do nothing.
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2 Responses to Chicken Street

  1. Clare says:

    Are the lower legs and feet of florence the chicken stuffed or not? Hard to tell from your instructions!

    • Sorry for my late reply . . . I stuffed around the ankle but you don’t need to stuff the feet. The important bit is to put the feet at right angles to the bottom of the legs. Hope this helps.

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