New Website and Blog address

Hi everyone,
I think it’s about time to give SheapKnits its very own website.
It’s work in progress at the moment, (we hope to finish it next week), but check it out at
It also means this blog has moved too, so all new posts will posted on SheapKnits Blog
See you there,
Sara x

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Phileas goes to Froglife

Jane bought a frog kit from last year’s Fibre East. She’s made up Phileas and he’s now living with Sam who works for ‘Froglife’ the national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats they depend on.  How brilliant is that!

Here’s their website:-

I think you’ll all agree he looks amazing – a good buddy for any frog lover.

Phileas Frog made by Jane Hunter for Froglife :-)

Phileas Frog made by Jane Hunter for Sam at Froglife 🙂

Jane says, “He’s been a labour of love (oh my, those ends to sew in!) but he’s fab”.  When I made the Phileas-son of frog (the first SheapKnit) He was exhausted at this stage too:-

"It's hard work being a knitted frog - I'm exhausted"

“It’s hard work being a knitted frog – I’m exhausted”

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SheapKnits getting around

My first Etsy sale came along whilst I was at the Shropshire Guild Meeting.  I’m part of the Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Crafts as a jeweller and metalsmith (see  They have yet to approve of knitting as a contemporary craft but I’m sure they’ll cave in soon.  Anyway back to the story . . . Sue Holden bought my first kit off Etsy and very soon after that sent me this pic of ‘Mattie’:-

Mattie made for Catton by Sue Holden

Mattie was knitted for baby Catton.  Very gorgeous – and I’m sure baby Catton must be too 🙂

Soon after this I had an order for over the pond – so the kits really are getting around.  I haven’t heard back from them yet but hopefully we will do soon.

Next came along:-ravelry 1closely followed by:-

Hello Sara

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely sheep kit, which I got at Woolfest in the Spring.

It gave rise to a whole flock of different sheep…

Who have developed quite a fan club on Ravelry. You may get the odd un-explained enquiry about kits from people across the pond who seem very keen to knit sheep.

Very best of luck with this and all future projects.


Sheepfold competition

From the left, (bottom row) ‘Loopy’ (the original Woolfest kit sheep), ‘Harry and Hettie the Herdwicks’, ‘Winnie the Wensleydale’, ‘Sammy the Swaledale’, (top row) ‘Betty the Blue-faced Leicester’, ‘Sophie the Soay’, ‘Harris the Hebridean’, ‘Tilly the Teesater, and ‘Cream Cracker the Jacob’.

How good is that – confirmation that I’m not completely nuts – or at least, if I am then I’m not alone 🙂

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New Year New(ish) Gang

the whole gang 3Happy New Year from the whole gang.  Newbies are Horace, Dennis and Glenda.  Horace is the Hare who sports lovely long pink ears.  Glenda the goose has bright orange beak, wings and stripey legs whereas Dennis is simply a stuffed version of my very own gorgeous mutt.

SheapKnit Kit sales are going well – selling on Etsy, advertising in Simply Knitting and The Knitter as well as the word getting around due to sites like Ravelry.  Baarbaara and Florence remain the most popular with Philias coming up in third position.  I suspect that Horace and Glenda will go down well too – we shall see 🙂

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Chicken Street

My ‘proper’ job is that of a metalsmith and jeweller.  I guess that when God was giving out job titles he gave me one called, “Maker” and left the rest up to me.  So when I’m not tapping away on various metals in my lovely workshop in Oswestry or my ‘studio’ at home, I’ll be knitting.  Thought you might like to see my latest metalwork pieces.

Sara Piper Heap metalsmith and jewellery

Chicken Street, a collection of trinket boxes and brooches

This is VERY different from my usual jewellery – do have a look at and you’ll see what I mean.

I had made one box and three brooches previously, Heather, the ‘curator’ for the WREN gallery in Warrington had seen them on my Flickr account and remembered them.  So when she was preparing for their ‘Creatures’ exhibition she asked me to send in some more chickens.

SheapKnit Chicken

Florence – chilling out

Truth be told, both Florence (my knitted chicken) and this range came about due to the fact that we’d recently become carers for four exbat chickens.

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SheapKnits meets Blacker Yarns

At the end of April on a VERY wet Sunday, Judith and I headed off to Builth Wells in deepest, darkest, dampest Wales where I literally accidentally found that I was at the Blacker Yarns stand.  I met Sonja there who was mildly intrigued by my bizarre orders and so we discussed my SheapKnit Kits.  She suggested sending them photos and perhaps they could sell them at their stands. . .  the rest as they say is history . . . .

SheapKnit Chicken
SheapKnit Frog
Phileas (Son of Frog)
SheapKnit Cow
SheapKnit Kits
Ready to go

So . . . here they all are lined up and ready to go to WonderWool in Cumbria.  Sadly I’d missed the postal deadline (as I’ve said before never late but rarely early!) so I got to drive allllllll of the way up to Cockermouth and back again and Yes it was raining! They were a hit with the sheep and chicken loving purewool knitting public who bought well 🙂

Dennis the knitting dog
“Look what I’ve made for you Mum”

Just felt I ought to point out that I’m not alone in making up the kits!

SheapKnit Kits
“Maybe I can help here”

Since then the kits have appeared at Fibre East where the Sheep and Chickens remained the popular choice although Frog has now nipped onto the sales chart too.

Next job is to get a set of kits ready for Sandra’s exhibition in Shrewsbury and indeed for the Chicken gallery’s Kniting Exhibition which is coming up in September 🙂

The kits will soon be for sale on the Blacker Yarns website:- but if you can’t wait until then contact me directly from my jewellery blog –

(- that’s my ‘proper’ job)


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SheapKnits has arrived

The Gang

The Gang’s all Here

The first SheapKnit was born back in September 2010.  Sales were made at Christmas and since then I (that’s Sara Heap – hence Sheap) have been working on new SheapKnit characters – that’s designing and making them.

They’re all knitted out of Pure British Wool and where the natural colour is not used all dyes are organically sourced.  The SheapKnit characters are available to buy but I’d really like to encourage knitting – it’s more of a therapy then you can imagine and therefore have produced SheapKnit kits.  All of the info you need is on this site – check out the About SheapKnits and Meet the SheapKnits 🙂

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